Vidmate App

Vidmate , a free all in one video downloader app which you can access to hundreds and thousands of videos is now available for android! This app allows you to download hundreds and thousands of videos from many popular platforms such as facebook, youtube, Vimeo, etc. And also you can see TV channels, listen to your favorite music and download them all in one place!

What is Vidmate?

Vidmate , a free video downloader software which is supported by windows 10 and other versions is now also available for android! This app allows you to download hundreds and thousands of videos from many popular platforms such as facebook , youtube, vimeo etc.

Most of these platforms do not offer download feature. So you have to go through lots of trouble finding these videos on other sites. But vidmate offers you the service of capturing these videos and saving them on your device.

Vidmate allows you to download and manage the videos you watch in these popular platform for totally free. You can also select different resolution sizes when the original website offers you many resolutions. So you can choose between which ones you want in a higher resolution and which ones you need in lower resolution.

This app has access to over 20 most popular video sharing websites which does not offer you to download videos. This app also gives you a search tab so you can search for any video from the app itself without going to the platform.

Platforms supported by vidmate

  • Facebook
  • Youtube
  • Dailymotion
  • Vine
  • Tumbler

Why to choose vidmate?

1. it’s totally free!

You don’t have to pay a cent to get this app or to use the service

2. Quick download

Hate slow downloads? This app is faster than many other apps when it comes to downloading.

3. Easy interface and to use

You do not have to go from website to another searching for videos, this app allows you to search, watch and download any video all in one place.

4. Multiple download

App allows you to download 3 videos at the same time. Isn’t that a time saver?

5. Resume if interrupted

If your downloads are interrupted, do not worry! You can download from where you stopped from another time. You will not have to begin all downloads from the beginning.

Vidmate app is more like a media browser for you. You can search any video in vidmate for easily rather than going in to your internet browser and searching for it manually. The app is easy to use and it saves you a lot of time from searching and going in to manual download sites.

Vidmate for android smartphones

Vidmate has a beautiful and interactive interface which is also easy to use. Search bar is on the top and all the videos are categorized so you can browse through each category really easily.  The featured feed shows you trending and most popular videos which serves your best interests. The apps tab shows you the similar apps that you should try out.  There is also a liked and favorite lists where you can find liked videos and add your favorite videos

How to download the videos

  1. Search the video you want to download in the search box (also you can copy the download link of the video from your browser)
  2. The video will be detected and the download symbol will be appeared in the right hand corner
  3. Click on the icon and the settings for download will show up including the resolution.
  4. Choose a path to save the download in your device and start the download
  5. You can see the progress and manage the downloads in the “downloads” page.

If you do not want to download any video you can directly view it from the app using the “play online” option.

Vidmate for Iphone

There could be many similar apps to download videos but this app is special because of it’s downloading speeds and the browsing features.

However there is no official version of this app which is released for iphones so iphone users will have to go for some alternative  options. In here we will list some of the best options available in the app store.

Hotstar App : this is a great alternative app for vidmate and also it is popular amoung many iphone users.

Cinemabox app : this is also good app which is available for both android and iphones.

Downloading vidmate for PC

Video downloading from PC is quiet easy compared to mobile devices. Lots of online websites and additional plugins allows you to download any video by pc. But just to avoid all this trouble of installing additional plugins and visiting online video downloading services, Vidmate could be the best solution. This app is a all in one software where you can search , play and download any video you like across many popular platforms.

But since apk applications do not support PC you will have to download additional software for this. IF you want to enjoy many android apps in your PC the best technique is to download a android emulator for this. By installing an emulator basically you can run all the android apps and services in your PC easily.

This is a simple and quick guide to download vidmate apk for your PC and to run it on a emulator

  1. First download Bluestacks Application from here
  2. Install it in your computer
  3. Download Vidmate APK for your computer as a usual file
  4. Right click on the APK file and click open with
  5. Select the installed bluestacks application to run all the APK files
  6. Then the bluestacks app will run and you will notice that it has the same interface of an android phone. Run the app as usual.

Vidmate update

This app is a third party application which is not available in play store for android users. So there would be no update from the play store for this app for you. So you will have to visit the source website to download the latest updates for this app.

The developer will release the latest update for this app in apk versions and you will be able to download it from the same websites which we have provided you in the downloads section. Make sure to update your app frequently to enjoy the latest features on this app.

All updates and announcements are posted here

Is vidmate harmful for your device?

Since the popular websites like youtube , facebook and daily motion has download limitations which you cannot download videos to your devices directly you always have to third party video downloading platforms. The most problem with these types of platforms is almost all these platforms just serve you as online services only. They do not come as an app. And these platforms are full of ads. That’s where vidmate comes in. a single app to download all your videos from different platforms. But make sure that you do not download videos and use them for commercial purposes since it is illegal.

Most people are afraid to install vidmate since it is not available in app store and it is only available as a third-party app. Vidmate is not available in the app store since it allows you to download any video across several platforms and this goes against the playstore policies. Vidmate is not a harmful app and won’t do any damage to your device or steal your data or make you trouble. We know that installing a third party app to your device sounds shady but in here you do not have to worry about any of these things. Vidmate is totally safe and you can enjoy all the services of vidmate for totally free.

VIdmate has over 500 million downloads worldwide. All its users are using this app daily to stream and download videos all over the world. With vidmate you can access to almost any video you like within a time of seconds.

Why vidmate is better than all other apps available at the market?

Vidmate becomes the lead in video downloading apps for several reasons. First, this is a fast app other than any video downloading the app. It has fast responding times and download speeds. Also, this acts as a search engine for videos audios both. In most video downloading apps you have to copy the url of the original video and paste it in the app and allow the app to find it before you have to download it. While vidmate also allows you to do that, you also can search keywords directly from the vidmate app and you can download them from the available videos on the internet. Another reason why you should choose vidmate is that it supports many websites. Most of the apps available in the market only allows you to download videos from few popular platforms. But vidmate has a huge platform variety. You can download videos in different resolutions and if you want you can download the audio-only. Vidmate also has a good video downloader. You can download multiple videos at the same time making the app more efficient.

Videos and movies download and play

 Vidmate is best because it allows you to free access to HD full movies, Vidmate has a collection of latest and classical movies from various different websites.  You can stream or download any movie available here for free! You also can find features like a list of movies with the same actor or genre. So with the help of this, you can browse and explore through the movie world and have the greatest movie experience ever! You can also do more filtered searches with different attributes using vidmate to find the movie which you want if you are not sure about it. All this experience is exclusively from vidmate only.

Homepage feed

Vidmate is customized with your favors and will show you a personalized feed based on your location and past video experiences. This is best to find and explore new videos for you, this is similar like the YouTube home page but in vidmate, the videos are shown to you from all the platforms across the internet.

Live TV programs and Series

Vidmate has access to more than 200 T channels across the world. It also has a library of various TV shows and series. You can access to any of these and enjoy unlimited video experience for totally free! All these tv shows and series are updated frequently so that you can watch any of these series online or offline no matter where you are

Downloading music and play

Now you don’t have to worry about searching your favorite music through the internet and going through various websites trying to download them. Vidmate music is here for you. With vidmate, you can search for any music video and convert it to audio and download it. Everything is right there for you to get within seconds without wasting your precious time. With this app, you can download high quality audio files which have bitrate up to 256kbps.  

Background running

Vidmate is an app which is using background running feature. From this it allows you to detect videos from other apps and quickly offer you the option to download that video. Which means let’s say that you are watching a short video clip on Instagram. Vidmate identifies this and shows you a small download icon which when you click on it you will be redirected to vidmate app where you can download that video clip. The same thing can be done to many other apps too. So it is amazing and easy to download any video within seconds

Vidmate developers

Vidmate is developed by UCweb developers who also a part of the Alibaba group. Though this app has a Chinese origin this is a great and safe app for you to use. It may be not available on the play store since it’s developed by a Chinese development company. But we guarantee you that your phone will face no harm after installing vidmate or getting services by vidmate!

IF you have any questions please feel free to contact us on our supports page! Install vidmate today and experience the ultimate video experience throughout the whole internet